About Piggy's

Note from the owner:

Hello, I am Cindy and I am the owner of Piggy's Thornhill. In ancient Korean proverbs, there is a saying that when you come across a dream with pigs, your life will be filled with wealth and health. The reason behind naming our business: Piggy's Thorhnhill ( or 돼지야 돼지야 meaning Piggy x2) is that we wanted to try our best as a Korean restaurant to bring happiness to our customers through our cuisine and services just like this proverb.

We use the best ingredients for our food at Piggy's Thornhill. For example, ingredients such as our chilli powder and for cold noodles are one of the high-quality ingredients from Korea. We also only insist on bringing the best traditional soybean paste, red pepper paste and etc from Korea as well.

We will try to bring you the best Korean traditional food and services. We promise not to lose focus on our mission with consistent efforts and minds: whether it is the taste/quality of our foods or the level of our services at Piggy's Thornhill. Please keep visiting Piggy's Thornhill with love, and please do tell us if there is anything we lack in terms of food or services. We will listen to our customers to satisfy them with our cuisine and services.

I hope your life is filled with luck and wealthiness just like the piggy dream! We will see you at Piggy's Thornhill soon!

Sincerely, Cindy